Why we use Octoral Automotive Paint

Why we use Octoral Automotive Paint

Reclamet Repair and Refinish have an amazing paint mixing booth at the body shop, complete with the full suite of Octoral paint products. Octoral is a brand of automotive paint products highly recommended, and the slick mixing set-up gives the confidence to know that we will apply a perfect colour match and finish to the vehicle we are repairing.

Octoral specialises in producing high-quality automotive refinishing paint systems used by professional auto body shops and painters for repairing and refinishing vehicles. They offer a range of products and solutions designed to provide excellent colour matching, durability, and finish quality.

Key features and aspects of Octoral car paints include:

Colour Matching: Octoral offers an extensive range of paint colours and variants to ensure precise colour matching for vehicle repairs, which helps maintain the vehicle’s original appearance.

Basecoats: Octoral provides high-quality basecoat paints used as the colour layer for automotive refinishing. These basecoats are known for their coverage and colour accuracy.

Clearcoats: Clearcoat is applied over the basecoat to provide protection and a glossy finish. Octoral’s clearcoats are formulated to be durable and resistant to UV damage and environmental factors.

Primer and Filler: Octoral also offers primers and fillers applied to the vehicle’s surface before painting. These products help prepare the surface, promote adhesion, and fill in imperfections.

Application Methods: Octoral paints can be applied using various techniques, including spray guns, airbrushes, and other refinishing equipment.

Compatibility: Octoral paint systems are typically designed to work with various automotive substrates, such as metal, plastic, and composites.

Environmentally Friendly: Many modern automotive paint systems, including those offered by Octoral, are formulated to be more environmentally friendly, with reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous materials.

Technical Support: Octoral provided technical support and training to Reclamet Repair and Refinish to ensure the correct use of their products.

Custom Solutions: Octoral may offer custom paint solutions and colour-matching services.